Declaring Your Chapter

To be considered as a member of ICF Phoenix, you must have declared Phoenix as your home chapter through ICF Global. If you need to declare or change your chapter:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click My Account in the upper-right corner.
  3. On your profile page, click the Click Here to Change Your Chapter link.
  4. Select Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Registering for a Find-a-Coach Profile

To help us consolidate business management systems, Find-a-Coach will be moving from its current platform to our website here. Watch for further communications regarding this move in chapter emails. Until profiles for all of the currently active members have been moved, we will not be creating new profiles. If you are a currently active member and have a profile on the old system, please don't register for a new one. The information will be moved over the Summer hiatus.

As a plus, the registration process will be much easier in the future and you will not need to log into a system to update your profile. Simply fill out the form below. Please note that this form will not "remember" your data. You might want to type up your info elsewhere and copy-and-paste before you click Submit. This will then email the form to us.

This is not an automated process. A real-life person will create your profile for you with loving care so please allow the time necessary to complete the task.

Do you need us to create, update or delete a profile?
List your name EXACTLY as it should appear in your profile
Details for your profile. A length between 100 and 300 words works best. You can include links.
List coaching categories or specialties to help people find you when searching.
Your main website. Don't put this in the details section.
Provide a link to a profile picture you would like to include. If you do not know how to share your photo, send it by email to
I'm an active ICF member *
I attest that I am a currently active, paid member of ICF global and have registered as a member of an Arizona chapter of ICF.