We deepened our understanding of members' needs by completing a through communications survey in 2018. The results can be found here.

As a chapter, let’s work TOGETHER to CREATE great ideas!


Too Frequent Communications-Stop the continuous bombardment of emails. Once we register on EventBrite, make the emails stop.

Prism Award- It was mentioned a number of times that the Prism Award takes too much energy from the chapter with minimal return for the membership. Instead, the same energy can be used towards an educational conference or other event that benefits more members directly.

Categorization of Coaches- Stop separating business/executive/life coaches during networking and in conversation. "We are all coaches and coaching touches all aspects of people."

Keep or Do Even Better

Networking-We'll continue to provide networking time and create more opportunities to do so.

Triads-The chapter will encourage and support opportunities for smaller interactive groups.

Webinars- We'll continue to promote quality webinar programs offered by partner organizations or host our own.

Master Coach Demos-You all expressed the enormous value of having highly skilled peers demonstrate their coaching mastery and techniques. We'll include more of this through special programming.

High Quality of Programs- Providing high quality programming remains one of the main objectives of the Board. We have almost the entire year planned to cover many of the core principles.

Start or CREATE

Opportunities to Connect Outside Meetings- Informal meetings outside of the second Wednesday – could be focused on topics i.e. business development, or social – happy hour, saloon – could do at rotating places around the valley. (Note the saloon v. salon)

Online Community- Closed facebook or yahoo group – for communication among members could be focused on topics like business development – certification – or multiple topics for people to share resources, ideas, on the spot help with questions being answered etc. If you're a Facebook user, request to join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/icfphoenix/

Virtual Programs- Offer more virtual programs for members that can't regularly attend meetings because of time or distance.

Evangelize the Value of Coaching- Get a CEO/high level person (or multiple) who has benefited from coaching to come and talk about how they were helped/transformed by coaching and how this positively impacted the business – getting the clients perspective. Reach out to coaching schools to recruit “future” members from people going through training – to demystify the ICF group.

Coach Conference- Resume doing 1 day conference in conjunction with Tucson coaches – have done in the past in Casa Grande.

Support Each Other More- Provide a mechanism for referrals between members. Find ways to leverage strengths, resources, knowledge of members with each other. Find way to help people with certification process.