Open Positions

VP of Communications- Write, chat and keep everyone in-the-know.

VP of Technology- Open and ready for the right techie.

VP Special Projects/Events- Like to plan and see something creative realized? This role is for you.


Past Presidents

2004 Allan Milham, MCC & Linda Miller, MCC

2005 Pete Walsh, MCC & Catherine Ross

2006 Laura Atwood, PCC

2007 Rachelle Taylor, ACC

2008 Karen Ramsey, ACC

2009 Debra Exner, PCC

2010 Maria Busch, ACC

2011 Molly O'Neill, PCC

2012 Molly O'Neill, PCC

2013 Sylva Leduc, MPEC, BCC

2014 Jeff Thoren, DVM, ACC

2015 Paul Tracy, CTACC

2016 Paul Tracy, CTACC